Poetry, design, photography

Hi there, I'm Alex.

I write poems, take photos, and design in Paris, France.
On the side, I edit Two Words For and help produce The Belleville Park Pages.

If it's Monday night, you'll likely find me performing at Spoken Word Paris.
Some Thursdays I go to Paris Lit Up, where I was recently featured poet.

Besides right-clicking Inspect Element, you can see this page's code on GitHub.
It's set in Montserrat and Alegreya and uses the Presentizer template by Justin Barr Young.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me or send me a tweet.

Alex Manthei


These 15 icons were the result of the first Skillshare class I took, taught by Adam Whitcroft. Click on the image above to download the full set as a PSD. You can also see it on Dribbble, where it was featured in the Weekly Replay.

Dribbble is, in fact, a great place to stay up to date with my most recent design work, much of which focuses on typography, like the following:


Above are 9 of my most recently published poems. Cycle through and click the illustrations I've done for each to read them as they appeared in print.

My work has appeared in Paris Lit Up Magazine, The Bastille, The Belleville Park Pages, Red Branch Journal, Writer's Block, and SLANG, and has been read at Spoken Word Paris, Paris Lit Up, La Pietra Dialogues, Poet's Live, 16th & Mission, and De Nieuwe Anita.

Here's a clip of me reading at Paris Lit Up:


Horizontal is a concept for a website designed to connect creatives for small one-off projects that they couldn't complete on their own. Projects like developers helping painters build websites to show off their work, animators helping illustrators to create short videos, and videographers helping filmakers to capture drone shots.

It's an exchange of equipment, ideas, talent, and experience that benifits everyone with welcome exposure, good karma, and fair pay.

For the visual identity of the logo, I went with an intentionally handmade look (one that extends to the app icon below with its noticible wobble in the H), beginning with a sketch on iPad in Adobe Line and then bringing it into Illustrator to clean up. You can read more about the design process behind it and, more generally, my thoughts on creativity in the Medium story, "Learning Illustrator the wrong way the right way."



Two Words For is an online creative literary and arts publication devoted to fresh, original writing on those who came before. A magazine of inspirations, we ask contributors to identify who or what directly inspired their work, featuring this attribution as a note below the author's name.

We’ve published over 60 authors and artists in 3 issues with nearly 6,000 readers and 23,000 page views, and continue to use this side project as a platform for experimenting with contemporary practices like responsive web design, web typography, Retina imagery, and new ways of publishing and distributing through social media.

As co-founder and Editor in Chief, I work closely on the design with our Creative Director & Developer, Justin Barr Young, as well as with our entire editorial roundtable on the selection of work to be included.

I'm deeply proud of it, as you can see in this photo by Sabine Dundure. Expanding under its unique format, it's grown into a truly multimedia publication, presenting everything from original GIF art by Rery, to the video recordings of Flora Hibberd and Winona Linn that I shot and edited, below: